NYC Street Co-Naming

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Street names are how we recognize and navigate the physical spaces. They also manifest the intangibles, the local, historical, cultural, or political legacies of spaces.

NYC honorary street names, or co-names by the City Council, are one way local activists, communities, and politicians lean on to remap our city in a local sense, interweaving its past, present, and future.

Some of the city’s warmest, happiest, hardest, or darkest past are brought to the present, and displayed at the intersections of urban grids as well as our minds, illuminating us where to go. The namings are not to appear on the city’s official map, nor on your Google map.

This page showcases NYC honorific street names established in 2002, 2011, and 2021, out of the nearly 30 years’ offical NYC Street Co-Naming activities.

Line heights represent years. Cube colors represent themes. You can rotate, zoom, or pan around to gain different perpectives. Click on each cube to get more details. Enjoy exploring!

Data Source: 2002 · 2011 · 2021 · spreadsheet view